Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Battleground Poll - #2198 - Politico-GWU Battleground Poll 9/19-9/22 - 41st Edition -The Tarrance Group

The second “Fall 2010″ edition of the POLITICO-GWU Battleground Poll finds a political environment that remains tilted against Democrats. Likely voters think Republicans in Congress will better handle “turning the economy around” and “creating jobs” than President Obama. This study also takes a first look at likely 2012 Republican Presidential candidates, finding with the exception of past candidates or promonent national leaders, the field of GOP candidates is largely unknown. The lack of definition to the field offers a strong opportunity for a potential GOP candidate who is relatively unknown now to emerge as a major contender for this nomination.

View the POLITICO-GWU Battleground Poll Republican analysis charts, the questionnaire and key findings from Ed Goeas. Main Link to Site:...  Article contributed by Steve Peters.  This poll has been all over the news in the last few days, very well done with information and graphics, please read.  

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