Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Barack Obama - 2201 - Obama's Abortion Record: A Slap in the Faith - Family Research Council

Since President Obama's earliest days on the campaign trail, questions about religion have dogged him. Just last Monday, a woman at an Albuquerque townhall asked President Obama about his faith. He responded, "I am a Christian by choice." The man we know as President may be a Christian by choice--but he's far better known as the leader of a movement about "choice." And while his salvation may be deeply private, his agenda to advance abortion has been anything but. He told the crowd in New Mexico that his "public service" is an "effort to express his Christian faith." If so, then he has a vastly different understanding of biblical truth than I do. Funneling billions of American dollars to the killers of innocent unborn life--life created by God and in His image--is not an "expression" of the Christian faith, or most other faiths for that matter. It's a horrifying government-funded massacre. Yet when he was asked about his opinion on abortion, the President tried to soften what has become the unofficial motto of his presidency: abortion of the people, by the people, and for the people. Read more........

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