Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Virginia Fifth District Race - #2049 - Robert Hurt Calls on Congressman Perriello to Denounce Obama Support for Mosque

Chatham, VA - President Obama has endorsed a plan to build a mosque at the site of the September 11th terrorist attack.  Nearly 70% of Americans oppose this effort (see here).  Republican Congressional Candidate in Virginia's Fifth District, Robert Hurt, released the following statement:

"Our president's decision to endorse the building of a mosque so close to the site of a national tragedy that millions of Americans will remember for their entire lives is deeply troubling.  This is another example that the White House and folks in Washington are totally out-of-touch with the people of America.  Congressman Perriello needs to stand up to our president and tell him that he should be focused on creating jobs and cutting the out-of-control spending in Washington instead of gratuitously offending millions of Americans with his insensitive comments.

So I ask, where does our Congressman stand on this important issue?"
Link to Robert Hurt Campaign site........

Ground Zero Mosque Controversy Grows - Democrats Plummet in the Polls - Newsmax With just 78 days before the midterm elections, Republicans have seized an all-time record lead in generic party preference — a clear signal that Democrats are running out of time to resolve the ground zero mosque controversy and get back on message if they hope to avoid a political train wreck in November.  Democratic pollster and Fox News commentator Douglas Schoen calls the latest polls "very bad" for Democrats.  "With these numbers, the House is almost certainly gone and the Senate is very much in play," Schoen tells Newsmax.  For Democrats, the timing of the polls could hardly be worse.mmReports are emerging from the White House that Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel has been in damage-control mode, working the phones to stave off further Democratic defections over President Obama's on-again, off-again support for construction of a mosque and cultural center in lower Manhattan. Read more........

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