Thursday, August 5, 2010

Virginia Fifth District Race - #2013 - Jim McKelvey Endorses Robert Hurt - Take our Country Back Pac

When I ran for the Republican nomination for the Congressional seat for Virginia's fifth district this past spring, I did so because I believe that our country is headed in the wrong direction. The current political leadership overtaxes its citizens and small businesses, spends money it doesn't have, and ignores the will of the people. I believe that it is critical for the survival of our nation that we return conservative leadership to Congress to halt the liberal agenda of Obama, Pelosi, Reid that will be the ruination of our great republic. Our current Congressman, Tom Perriello, is part of the problem. He has voted the way Pelosi wanted 98% of the time, which is 98% of the way the people he represents here in the fifth district did not want him to vote. His votes for Obama's Healthcare Plan, Cap and Trade, and for the failed stimulus bill are simply atrocious. Tom Perriello has not represented us, but rather represents the will of the few (and the whims of the power elite) over the needs of the many.

Tom Perriello must be defeated this November.
The Speaker's gavel must be taken out of Nancy Pelosi's hand.
The Democrat's control of the House of Representatives must end.
The socialist policies of Barack Obama must be stopped if we are to survive as a nation of free people.

During my campaign, I told people that I would not support Robert Hurt if he was our nominee. But on June 8th, the people spoke, and elected Robert as the Republican nominee. However, I am emboldened by the new conservative leadership that has taken hold in the Republican Party here in the 5th District. I know that this new leadership will advance a conservative agenda, and will promote and  elect conservative candidates at the local and state level, both now and in our future.

During the time between the primary and today, I have given great thought to the 5th district congressional race, and the need to defeat Tom Perriello. Robert Hurt has pledged to fight for and preserve certain social and fiscal conservative principles that I hold dear: (1) Protecting Taxpayers (2) Balancing the Budget (3) Protecting the Unborn (4) Auditing the Federal Reserve (5) Support of Marriage (6) Protect 2nd Amendment (7) Defund Acorn (8) Defund Extra Constitutional Agencies (9) Fight Earmarks (10) Securing our Nations Borders (11) Stopping The Fairness Doctrine (12) Support the 10th Amendment.

It is for these reasons that I am convinced that Robert Hurt is best positioned to remove Tom Perriello. Tom Perriello must be removed. He has demonstrated time and time again that he will not represent the will of the fifth district. Robert Hurt has demonstrated, in words, his willingness to return to true fiscal constitutional Conservatism and promoting the free market. We the conservatives of the fifth district stand united in this purpose.   Read the entire endorsement........

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