Thursday, August 19, 2010

Va. 5th District Race - #2053 - White House "Favorite Democrat" Goes Negative to Distract from Failed Jobs Record, Sagging Jobs Record, Sagging Poll Numbers - Robert Hurt

Chatham, VA - While Robert Hurt has participated in dozens of debates all across the Fifth District for the past 10 months, committed to one-on-one televised debates, taken the pledge not to raise taxes and committed to reigning in out-of-control Washington spending, Congressman Perriello has made it clear he doesn't want to discuss the issues, he just wants to attack.  With a failed record on job creation and trailing in the polls, Congressman Perriello, the Congressman described as "The White House's favorite," is now spending tens of thousands of dollars on negative ads to save his own job. Congressman Perriello has spent two years doing little to save central and Southside jobs and has voted for every Nancy Pelosi job-killing bill that has been proposed.  On Monday, the group American Action Forum released poll numbers showing Robert Hurt with a 6-point lead over incumbent Democratic Congressman Perriello. Congressman Perriello's response? A desperate attack ad running away from the Pelosi-Perriello platform. This job-killing platform includes:  Voting for and working with Nancy Pelosi to pass government run healthcare that has over $550 billion in tax increases and cuts Medicare for our seniors by $500 billion.(see here).  Voting for a national energy tax that would kill 522,000 jobs by 2015 and increase electric rates on our citizens.(See here)Voting for a $65 billion tax increase on tobacco - one of the most regressive taxes on low-income Virginians.(see here)  Pledging to raise taxes on small businesses on January 1st.(see here)  Read more and see direct links.........

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