Monday, August 9, 2010

Teacher Union Bill - HR1586 - #2021 - Teacher Unions Plan to Rev Up Recess Action to Protect Democrat's Majority - The Hill

Several unions will pivot off expected House passage of the latest jobs bill to rev up their campaign machinery during the August recess. The House plans to vote Tuesday on Senate-passed legislation that provides $16 billion in extended Medicaid benefits and $10 billion in education funding for the states.The schools funding has big significance for union members, many of whom could lose their jobs if the money doesn’t come through. Labor officials plan an onslaught against those who oppose it. For the most part, that will mean Republicans, as labor is digging in to protect a threatened Democratic majority. Read more.......

Union Soldiers Call for More Reinforcements - Family Research Council - It looks like the House leadership will hoof it back to Washington on Monday and continue their reelection campaign from there. After a week off, Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) is interrupting the August recess to sew up some union support before the bloodbath this fall. But when the Senate passed its stimulus package last week--this time worth $26.1 billion--Democrats said it was to save jobs. They didn't mention that those jobs are their own. By forking over another $10 billion to America's teachers' unions (not teachers) and state governments, liberals are banking on a big fat thank you from those same organizations in their tough races. But for H.R. 1586 to pass before school starts, House leaders have to whistle their troops back in from recess to vote.
As several insiders point out, the outcome is anyone's guess. Republicans are a lock to oppose it, and several Democrats aren't too keen on how Congress plans to pay for it. One of their favorite entitlements, the Food Stamp program, is on the chopping block. According to the Washington Independent, "a family of three can expect their benefits to drop about $50 a month. Never before have congressional policies actually created a month-to-month cut in food stamps." It's not exactly a dream scenario for Pelosi's party. Education Secretary Arne Duncan threatened that rejecting the bill would force schools to layoff thousands of teachers and administrators, but passing it means snatching food out of hungry families' mouths--when more people are on food stamps than ever.  Read more......

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