Monday, August 9, 2010

Health Care Bill HR3590 -#2022 - Aspen Ideas: Death Panels - Bill Gates Outlines How U.S. Can Remain World Leader - The Aspen Times

Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates said Thursday that the U.S. must get medical costs under control and re-examine its funding priorities to prevent its education system from further erosion. Gates spoke at a packed house at the Benedict Music Tent in an Aspen Ideas Festival event. He said medical costs are dominating state and federal budgets in the form of Medicare and other payments. Fewer funds are available for education. Tuition is soaring at many public universities, pricing out many would-be students.......The country has demonstrated an unwillingness to question if “spending $1 million on the last three months” of a person's life is a cost-effective direction, especially considering the same amount of money can keep 10 teachers employed. Gates called for the nation to do a better job of examining the benefits of costly end-of-life medical care.

That's called the death panel and you're not supposed to have that discussion,” Gates said, taking a jab at critics of the health care bill that Congress considered earlier this year. Education is also being undermined by a system that dedicates so much of its available funds to pensions for retired teachers, according to Gates. The combination of high medical costs and “pension generosity” means that more than 100,000 teachers will be laid off as states slash budgets to deal with the recession, he said. “I'm very much against that.”  Read more......... It's amazing, no mention in this article about teacher unions, how teachers are getting health insurance paid for life, how unions and pensions are the ones primarily responsible for the financial straits city, county and states governments find themselves in right now.  Very dangerous when someone with this financial and business position, is advocating how end of life care medical care will be regulated.  I don't think it is something he would ever have to worry about with himself or his family.

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