Saturday, August 14, 2010

Gulf Oil Spill - #2038 - The Gulf Recovery Obama Does Not Want to See - Heritage Foundation

Next week, for the fifth time since July, the first family will board Air Force One for yet another luxury vacation, this time to an exclusive Martha's Vineyard estate that rents for up to $50,000 a week. But before they head north, the Obamas will first grace Panama City, Fla., with their presence this weekend for what is being billed as a "solidarity vacation to the Gulf Coast." While in Florida, the President is expected to meet with local business leaders to discuss the effects of the spill before departing on a cross-country trip around the United States including stops in Los Angeles and Seattle to raise cash for Democrats and a stop in Wisconsin at a renewable energy factory. Not on the agenda? Any meetings with oil workers in other Gulf states who are now unemployed thanks to President Obama's Gulf oil drilling ban.

If the President really wanted to see the economic damage his policies are causing in the Gulf, he could first stop in Pascagoula, Miss., where idle oil rigs in the Signal International shipyard have formed an eerie floating ghost city that locals have dubbed "Rig Row." Instead of being deployed at sea where they could be creating wealth for this country and jobs for Gulf residents, these rigs are wasting away idly in port as a direct result of President Obama's oil drilling moratorium - a moratorium that when first issued on just deep sea rigs, a federal judge ruled was "arbitrary and capricious." Undaunted, the Obama administration doubled down, issuing a broader oil drilling injunction that is killing even more jobs than the first ban.  Read more.......

Judge Martin Feldman Wants to Know More About Offshore Oil Drilling  Ban - -U.S. District Court Judge Martin Feldman has asked the federal government and Hornbeck Offshore Services, the Covington marine services company that has challenged the offshore oil drilling ban, for additional information to help him decide whether the government's July 12 moratorium is indeed a new policy, or whether it's the same policy that he struck down in June....... Meanwhile, another suit filed against the moratorium may end up taking the lead. Ensco Offshore Co., a company with offices in Dallas and operations in Louisiana that announced the move of its administrative offices to the United Kingdom last year for tax reasons, filed suit over the moratorium shortly before the new moratorium was issued and amended its complaint July 20 to challenge the new moratorium.  Ensco's suit is broader than the Hornbeck suit because it includes the plight of shallow-water drillers, and poses its challenge in a different way, saying that the policy is invalid because the government should have gone through a formal comment and rule-making process.  While the Hornbeck suit is stuck on the question of whether the challenge is valid, the Ensco suit, which is also before Judge Feldman, has a Sept. 22 hearing date, meaning it will probably get resolved before Hornbeck's suit.  Read more.........   I had been wondering what had happened with the moratorium and the Hornbeck suit, especially in light of the stopping of all drilling and the continuing devastating  impact on the economy of the Gulf.  This article explains the status of both, and the encouraging news about the Ensco suit.

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