Sunday, August 29, 2010

Glenn Beck Restoring Honor Rally -#2078 -Video of Entire Glenn Beck Rally - My Photos from Rally - Welborn Freedom Watch

Glenn Beck Restoring Honor Rally in its entirety - When this segment is finished, the next should be available, otherwise go to

The morning Metro trains and stations were mobbed, was an incredible sight to see so many people traveling to the Lincoln Memorial from every direction.  As you can see from the pictures, people were lined along the Reflecting Pool in front of the Lincoln Memorial.  What couldn't be seen from aerial photographs were all the people under cover of all the trees lining the Reflecting Pool.  There were projection screens along the water for everyone to see and hear the speakers and music.  There were people from the Reflecting Pool stretching to the Vietnam Memorial on the right and to the Korean Memorial on the left.  It was difficult to walk anywhere close to the Reflecting Pool, and the area all the way to the World War II Memorial was completely filled, with people sitting all along the walls there to get a better perspective. 

 I decided to walk up to the Washington Monument up on the hill, so many of my pictures were taken from the Monument looking back towards the Lincoln Memorial.  My new picture above on the top of my web site was taken from there, and will stay there until the November 2nd elections.  I was also curious to see what was on the other side, where the other rally was to be held, the last picture reflects that view.  Actually on the hill by the Washington Monument was the best view, and the sound from the Lincoln Memorial was better than other places much closer on the sides.  The views from the Monument were breath taking, to see all the people who answered the call from Glenn Beck to come to the Restoring Honor Rally was so worth all the effort, I will never forget it.  The video clips will also give a better perspective of all the people.  We had been there for several days touring, so this was an incredible ending to a wonderful stay in Washington.  Much different than my past few trips to Washington for political rallies.  Glenn Beck asked for people to not bring any political signs and with very few exceptions, people complied, flags everywhere, people showing their patriotic spirit and beliefs in what they wore, how they acted and the American spirit and pride were everywhere to be seen and enjoyed.  So glad to have been there to be part of such a wonderful experience.

They were selling copies of this painting with proceeds going to the soldiers' families, I was lucky enough to buy a smaller one with the flag as a border, only available at the Restoring Rally Rally, on the day before.
The other Rally!

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