Friday, August 20, 2010

Fall Elections 2010 - #2059 - Video: Charlie Cook to Dems: You Know You're Going to Get Totally Destroyed in November, Right? - Hot Air

Charlie Cook to Dems: You Know You're Going to Get Totally Destroyed in November, Right - Hot Air - Well, maybe not totally destroyed. He’s pretty sure that they’ll hold the Senate, just because a 10-seat pick-up is a tall order for any party even under the best of circumstances. But we’ll check back with him in a month or so. This is the guy, you may recall, who described ObamaCare as “Obama’s Iraq” way back in February, before the bill even passed. How’s that prediction looking these days?  The clip’s long but the first three and a half minutes or so are really all you need. As for the House, he’s predicting that the GOP will win it back — as a conservative estimate. Where the final seat total ends up is anyone’s guess at this point. Don’t tell Biden.

A Coming Landslide - American Thinker - It may seem odd for someone who recently warned conservatives of overconfidence to predict that the November elections may well produce a landslide unprecedented in the lifetime of many Americans. But the indicators of just such a tsunami seem to grow bigger and more persistent each day. Polling data differs depending upon which organization is conducting the poll. So it is no surprise that job approval for Obama is at one level in one poll and at another level in a rival poll. The trend lines of all polls, however, agree: Obama seems in free fall. Democrats who unwisely tied their political fortunes to this latest incarnation of the tired old mantra of "hope and change" now find themselves in the backseat of a fast car (or bus) driven by a reckless teenager.  Read more.......

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