Monday, August 16, 2010

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission EEOC - #2044 - Employers Can't Refuse to Hire Convicts - Hot Air

At one time, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission fulfilled an arguably important role in enforcing anti-discrimination laws against people who really faced unfair discrimination. Now, it appears the EEOC has declared war not just on unreasonable and unjust discrimination, but on all discrimination in hiring — even reasonable choices by employers. In a page updated ten days ago at the EEOC, the commission warns employers that basing decisions not to hire people based on background checks may violate their notion of fairness, even if the law doesn’t actually cover it:  There is no Federal law that clearly prohibits an employer from asking about arrest and conviction records. However, using such records as an absolute measure to prevent an individual from being hired could limit the employment opportunities of some protected groups and thus cannot be used in this way.........But here’s the real question: if truly unfair discrimination has become so rare that the EEOC has to attack reasonable and rational choices in hiring based on the actual record of the applicant, hasn’t the EEOC argued for its own dismantling?

Update: This is not a new policy, so I lose my bet. It goes back at least to 1985, according to documents supplied to me by a source. Whether or not the web page is new or just a refreshed edition is still not clear. It’s still just as asinine and offensive.  Read more........

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