Sunday, August 15, 2010

Christian Aid Workers - #2039 - Ten Christian Aid Workers Killed in Afghanistan Mountains - Baptist Press

Ten workers affiliated with a Christian aid group were murdered in the rugged mountains of Afghanistan after providing eye care to people in a remote area of the country. International Assistance Mission, an openly Christian charity, has operated in Afghanistan for 44 years, negotiating with the Soviets, the mujahedeen government and then the Taliban for permission to continue its work assisting people in need of care. But on Aug. 5, only one member of a team survived an ambush by several men wielding guns. The Taliban claimed responsibility for the deaths of six Americans, one German, one Briton and two Afghans, though police have not ruled out an attack by thieves. The team, which included a 12th member, an Afghan, who earlier left the group to return home on his own, had set out for the remote Parun Valley of Nurestan province in three Land Rovers and then left their vehicles to trek 100 miles through the Hindu Kush mountains, The Washington Post reported. Once they had completed their work, they were traveling back through snow and rain when they were attacked. The survivor, a driver named Saifullah, said the gunmen lined up the team members and began to execute them. Saifullah's life was spared after he shouted allegiance to Allah, The Post said.  Read more.......
Harrisonburg Man Among Those Killed in Afghanistan - Harrisonburg News - The Associated Press has identified Harrisonburg resident Brian Carderelli, 25, as another victim of an attack on a Christian aid mission in northern Afghanistan. Nine others in the group were also killed, including EMU graduate Glen Lapp, as previously reported. The Taliban have claimed responsibility.  Carderelli, a 2009 JMU graduate, was working as the videographer for the team and some of the videos and photos from his travels in Afghanistan were still available on his Facebook page and a personal Shutterfly page as of Monday morning. Carderelli was a member of Covenant Presbyterian Church in Harrisonburg.  On Saturday, a Taliban spokesman claimed that Dari-language Bibles were found among the group’s possessions and accused the team of proselytizing and spying in the officially Muslim nation. US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said those were “false allegations” and some doubt has been cast on whether the murders were carried out by the Taliban or by others.

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