Monday, July 19, 2010

NAACP Bigotry - #1956 - USDA Official Resigns Over Breitbart Tape of NAACP Speech - Hot Air

USDA Official Resigns Over Breitbart Tape of NAACP Speech - Hot Air - That was fast. The Agriculture Department announced Monday, shortly after published its initial report on the video, that Sherrod had resigned. “There is zero tolerance for discrimination at USDA, and I strongly condemn any act of discrimination against any person,” Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack said in a written statement. “We have been working hard through the past 18 months to reverse the checkered civil rights history at the department and take the issue of fairness and equality very seriously. Here’s Ed’s post on the vid in case you missed it this morning. It’s a great write-up, but The Anchoress adds an important wrinkle: Doesn’t it sound like Sherrod was building to a “but” before the clip cut out? Doesn’t it seem like, after all of that sort of winking, “you and I know how they really are” racist crap wherein Sherrod–intentionally or not–indicts her own narrow focus, she was heading to a more edifying message? What did it open her eyes about? Was she about to say “I took him to one of his own, but it shouldn’t have mattered about that; my job was to serve all the farmers who needed help.”  Read more.........  This tape is unbelievable, you have to watch it to believe it.

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