Friday, July 2, 2010

Joel Rosenberg - #1910 - Richard Baehr - American Thinker

Joel Rosenberg is one of the most committed evangelical Christian supporters of Israel, and a man of fierce intelligence. I conducted a phone interview with Rosenberg to talk about his politics and how it relates to his understanding of biblical prophecy. Rosenberg was raised in upstate New York by parents who became born-again Christians. He has had a twenty-year career in media and politics, having worked for Rush Limbaugh and the presidential campaign of Steve Forbes, and serving as advisor to both Natan Sharansky and Bibi Netanyahu. Rosenberg joked that he gave up on the career of a political consultant to become an author, in part due to his losing record in campaigns. Of course, routinely backing losers never stopped some consultants -- such as Bob Shrum, now 0-8 in presidential campaigns -- or Cubs fans. 

 Rosenberg has written five novels relating to terrorism, and in some of them he has depicted events that actually occurred after he wrote them (kamikaze plane attacks on American cities before 9/11, the discovery of huge amounts of oil and natural gas off the coast of Israel, a war between America and Saddam's Iraq, an Iranian leader vowing to wipe Israel off the map, Turkey abandoning its 20th-century alliances and becoming a foe of the West).  Read more.......

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