Friday, July 9, 2010

Jefferson Area Tea Party -#1928 - 2nd Annual independence Day Celebration - July 4, 2010 - Jackson Park, Charlottesville, Va.

The Jefferson Area Tea Party held their 2nd annual Independence Day celebration in Jackson Park, Charlottesville, Va. The following is a speech given by Steve Peters, Conservative Activist and Tea Party Patriot:

It's been a long afternoon. Why don't you all get up and stretch. I promise you this is going to be the shortest of all the speeches!  When I refer to Tom in my speech, it is Tom Perreillo, not Thomas Jefferson, about whom I speak.  I am Steven Peters, a Jefferson Area Tea Party(JATP) member and conservative activist. My wife Codie and I, first got involved in the tea party movement around the corner at the Pavilion on tax day last year.  We came with our signs, listened, and spoke with other average citizens, living conservative lives, who were frustrated and concerned with the direction in which our country was headed. It was the first time anyone in our group had ever openly protested or raised their voices to the government. We were of like mind, in that we were being taxed enough and wanted an ever growing government out of our lives.

Our second event was July 4th, right here one year ago today. We wanted to give the Republican party a spine,...... a backbone, to let them know we were fed up with business as usual and wanted them to stand up for the principles put forth by our founding fathers. We marched on Washington last year in the 9/12 event with 1.7 million of our fellow silent majority patriots. We were trying to express our anger and frustration with all of the spending and liberal socialistic legislation, they were pushing on us in DC. Our activism grew, along with the tea party, as Obama and the liberals in DC refused to listen...... and continued to pull our center right country to the left, with their YES WE CAN socialism. JATP members attended Tom's(Tom Perreillo) town Hall Meetings, "VISITED" Tom's local and DC offices several times and voiced.....THEIR CONCERNS. HE DID NOT REALLY LISTEN, NOR DID THE OTHER LIBERALS IN DC, THEIR COURSE WAS SET, AND WERE NOT TO BE DETERRED BY A MAJORITY OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.

On one of the bus trips to DC Tom told us, ......"If you don't tie our hands, we will keep stealing," AND "the commerce clause of our Constitution allows the FEDERAL GOVERNMENt to do anything they want without any real limits!" The liberals consider one of the most important documents in human history, the United States Constitution, a "living and breathing document," subject to their interpretation alone. Our founding fathers had a different approach..and we need to get back to it. Now under the slogan, "YES WE CAN," this administration is just flat out ignoring OUR VOICE, AND OUR CONSTITUTION, and the Supreme Court is letting them get away with it. Congress is sitting on its hands and exercising NO oversight of the executive branch, as REQUIRED BY THE CONSTITUTION. The Justice Department has recently by their actions, shown us, civil rights are only for some groups ......and not others. They get to choose who is special. "Just as free states could not tolerate the spread of slavery into their midst, so too free middle class America, if it still has it's historic character, will not tolerate the yoke of socialism put upon our necks, by this liberal president and a compliant left wing Congress."

We thought we'd ask a question that every patriot may want to think about and be ready to answer on future Independence Days. Five or ten years from now, when you look your children and grand children in the eye, and they ask,"What did you do to stop this takeover of our lives and freedoms, when you had the chance?". What will you have to say on THAT future Independence Day? The founding fathers gave 100% of their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor,...... to give us what we have remaining of,.... their vision of freedom. Don't we owe them and our children a 10% effort to keep it?  Get Mad....... Get Even....... BY Getting Involved. Change the conservative party from within. Protest is helpful, but alone is not enough. They SAY,... exercise is good for us. I SAY,.... it is good for our country. Exercise your rights,.... to keep your freedoms and independence,........ for future generations

We have the most important election in generations coming this November. Come out and VOTE on Judgement Day, November 2nd,..and bring all your concerned conservative friends with you.

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