Saturday, July 31, 2010

Health Insurance for 9/11 Responders -#1987 - Hannity Interviews Peter King and Anthony Weiner - Right Scoop, Fox

Hannity Interviews Peter King and Anthony Weiner - Hot Air -Via the Right Scoop, behold the hallmark of a summer Friday news day: Until just a few minutes ago, Weiner’s dopey House floor freakout was top of the pops this afternoon on Memeorandum. Since it’s officially, albeit momentarily, now one of the Hottest Stories In The Blogosphere, here’s a follow-up to the Fox News meltdown I posted earlier. Skip ahead to 2:00 or so and then again to the last few minutes of the clip for the best parts. Think of this as the political equivalent of pro wrestling: If the Weiner/King dust-up is the main event, the Weiner/Hannity face-off is the part where a rival runs down the aisle and into the ring and starts hitting someone with a chair. In other words, it’s fantastic.

Alternate headline: “Congressmen somehow can’t agree to provide health care for 9/11 responders without screaming like lunatics.” How did it come to this, you ask? Well, the Dems initially planned to introduce the 9/11 bill under normal procedures, with a simple majority vote needed to pass it, but then they started wetting themselves at the thought of having to take tough votes on amendments — especially ones related to illegal immigration — introduced by the GOP. So, change of plans: Instead of a majority vote, they invoked a special rule that lets them deny Republicans the right to offer amendments but requires two-thirds of the House to pass the bill. The GOP decided to protest the procedural move by having virtually all of its members vote no, which brings us to the freakout du jour. Beyond the basic irony of Weiner demanding that floor votes be geared towards the substance of a bill instead of procedural concerns (remember how Dems handled that during reconciliation on ObamaCare?), there’s a grander irony here that Limbaugh identified on his show. Namely, the only reason the Dems needed a special rule for this bill in the first place is that they feared some Democrats would vote against it if the GOP succeeded in getting its amendments attached. It’s the cowardice of their own Blue Dog caucus that painted them into a corner, but there’s no political advantage to Weiner in dwelling on that fact. So here he is instead pitching a hissyfit in front of the C-SPAN cameras, knowing full well that the fightin’ nutroots will moon over him for days. Hey, Anthony? Good news: In a few months, you won’t have to worry about those Blue Dogs anymore.  If there was ever a classic example as to why the November elections are the most important in our country's history, this is it.......... the House Dems need to go........

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