Sunday, July 11, 2010

Freedom of Religion - #1933 - Video: Chuck Colson; Is Freedom of Religion Being Redefined? - Crosswalk

I hope every single BreakPoint listener has viewed my Two Minute Warning video commentary on what I believe is the greatest threat to religious freedom in my lifetime. If you haven't seen it yet, we will keep it up at for all this week—because it is one of the most important messages I've delivered. And over 150,000 people have already watched it. Please, watch the video and tell your friends, your family, and your acquaintances about it. Here's why: I believe the administration is seeking to redefine the meaning of religious freedom, shrinking it to mean nothing more than the right to worship privately. 
 If successful, this would emasculate the first, and most foundational, freedom in the Bill of Rights. A freedom we get from God himself because religious freedom is rooted in the very nature of God.  As I said in my Two Minute Warning, Hillary Clinton, in a speech at Georgetown University, talked about "freedom of worship" being a priority of the administration. And this was no slip of the tongue. As Christianity Today reported, the President has used the term in several speeches. The State Department claims the two terms—"freedom of worship" and "freedom of religion"—are interchangeable. But that's nonsense. Read more.........  This video has received 167,279 views.

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