Saturday, July 24, 2010

Fifth District Race- #1971 -Video: - (1) Robert Hurt Speaking at Jefferson Area Tea Party Meeting - July 22, 2010

(1) Robert Hurt speaking at Jefferson Area Tea Party meeting on July 22, 2010. He showed appreciation to Feda Morton for her candidacy, and addressing that tea party members have originally shown other candidates. He also discussed in this clip the Health Care Bill, Individual Liberties, Founders Vision of Free Markets and Liberties, taking our country back, standing up for balanced budgets.  If anyone would like to donate to Robert Hurt's Campaign, go to his web

Robert Hurt speaking at the Jefferson Area Tea Party meeting July 22, 2010.  In this clip Robert Hurt addresses Job Creation, Ronald Reagan's message to businesses in the 80's - cut taxes and let Americans go to work and create jobs, also discusses Washington Regulations and how this is impacting business, repealing health care and/or stripping the funding.  He states his first important vote would be to elect a new Speaker of the House.  Two questions were asked in this clip, one on how to handle unemployment benefits and still be compassionate, and was asked to make sure all his future votes were based on the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  

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