Saturday, July 31, 2010

Fall Elections 2010 - #1989 - A "U" Turn Election - Town Hall

In 1980, Ronald Reagan led the GOP to a pick up of a net 34 seats in the House of Representatives as well as a Senate majority. House Republicans gave back 27 of those seats in the 1982 vote.  In 1994, the Newt-led GOP swept the country, emerging with 230 House seats after gaining a net 54 in the decisive rebuke to Bill Clinton's first two years as president. The Democrats have had their big years as well, winning 31 net seats in 2006 and another 21 seats in 2008. Note that the big House swings have come years apart, in 1980, 1994, and 2006, and that while there was some give-back in 1982, there wasn't a massive shift in the opposite direction then or in 1996.
Which makes 2010 a potentially historic and unprecedented "U-Turn" election. If the GOP wins back the House of Representatives on November 2, it will be the first near back-to-back reversals of political direction in the country's modern political history. If the big shift of 2006-2008 towards the Democrats is followed by a big shift towards the Republicans in 96 days, not only cable commentators but historians will be studying the U Turn for decades to come.  Read more.......

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