Monday, July 26, 2010

Fall Elections 2010 - #1974 -Dick Morris Discusses AFP Rallies on Sean Hannity after Charlottesville Rally - Fox News

After the events, Morris appeared at 9PM on Fox News' Hannity show from Charlottesville, where he mentioned the day's events and the amount of energy the crowds across VA-5 showed. Morris commented on the show that AFP-VA turned out nearly "2% of the city for this [Charlottesville] event", that he had "never seen crowds like this", and that "you can't believe the enthusiasm out there" in stopping the outrageous spending policies in Washington.

AFP 'November is Coming' Tour Brings Dick Morris to Charlottsville and VA-5 - On Monday, Ben Marchi, Virginia state director of AFP, and Dick Morris, best-selling political author and analyst, toured Virginia's fifth Congressional district to educate citizen-activists on out-of-control, tax & spend policies taking place in Washington. These events were part of Americans for Prosperity's nationwide initiative, November is Coming.Throughout the day, Morris did radio interviews with Charlottesville's Rob Schilling (listen here) and Joe Thomas, and on Danville's "Hutch in the Morning" show (listen here).

Morris and Marchi spoke at three separate events across VA-5 where hundreds of people turned out to hear them speak. The first event of the day was held in Danville, where 200+ listened to Dick Morris speak about the state of spending in Washington. A second, smaller event was held in historic Appomattox, where another 200+ Central Virginians turned out to hear Marchi and Morris speak regarding the elections this fall. The final and largest event was held in Charlottesville, where well over 600 supporters filled a hotel conference room and overflowed into the hallway and outside onto the patio. The over-capacity crowd listened to the speakers elaborate on Tom Perriello's sour voting record and the influence of the fiscal conservative vote on this Fall's elections.  View related news articles from WDBJ7 and the Danville Register-Bee.

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