Friday, July 16, 2010

Employee Free Choice Act - #1948 - Don't Blink - Dems Aren't Done Killing Jobs Yet - Red State

Don't Blink - Dems Aren't Done Killings Jobs Yet - Red State - While the Obama Administration takes its victory lap with the Democrats and their Union buddies over the job-killing Financial Reform bill they just passed, a host of other initiatives that would give special favors to Unions are waiting in the wings for the right time to be brought up for consideration. I say special favors because, unbeknownst to most of us, Unions made out like bandits today in the FinReg bill.  Another union-favoring job killer waiting in the shadows is the Employee Free Choice Act (in committee for now, waiting until enough votes can be bought by the leadership), which puts hundreds of thousands of jobs at immediate risk. Kentucky, for example, sitting at 10.5% unemployment and climbing, can NOT afford to lose even MORE jobs to such nonsense. A new video is up, courtesy of theWorkforce Fairness Institute and theCoalition to Protect Kentucky Jobs:    EFCA will allow Unions to strong arm their way into a business, force a vote on whether to be recognized, and have access to each ballot so they can single out those who would dare defy them. Worse, still, is that once a Union gets past the ballot, they’ll have the power to remove the right of the employer to demand an additional, separate, ballot and they’ll be able to force employers into binding arbitration and collective bargaining. And for the icing on the cake, the FED (read the NLRB and Craig Becker) will be granted the power to increase penalties on employers who discriminate against workers for union involvement…and, yeah-they get to define what that means on a case by case basis…with a little help from the Shop Stewards. Read more......  As if the news isn't bad enough today with the continuing bad news of what is in the Banking Bill, here is another bill to watch out for.  Please watch the video, only 1 minute, by the Coalition to Protect Kentucky jobs, but the bill will impact all of us.

As Obama Kowtows, Unions Eye the Private Sector - Michael Barone-Townhall - One of the interesting things about the Obama administration is the strange dominance of labor unions. Yes, Barack Obama and other Democratic leaders do owe the unions something: Unions gave $400 million to Democrats in the 2008 campaign cycle, and they expect to get something in return.  What they haven't gotten out of the Democratic Congress is the thing they wanted most -- the card check bill that would effectively abolish the secret ballot in unionization elections. Unions now represent only 7 percent of private-sector workers, the lowest percentage since the early 1930s. Union leaders believe that with card check they could vastly increase their dues income.  But the unions have gotten lots of other things, as Peyton R. Miller reports in The Weekly Standard. Obama has appointed as head of the National Labor Relations Board a former union lawyer who once wrote that the NLRB could institute something very much like card check without congressional action. Read more........

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