Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Daily Life - #1918 - Why Morning People Rule the World - London Evening Standard

We are all morning or evening people. Scientists have established that our genes dictate around half of what they call our “chronotypes” — our natural preference for certain times of the day. Evolution has produced a range of humans capable of being alert to danger at every hour of the day. Our experience confirms these findings. We all know people who love to be at work bright and early, with a cup of coffee to hand and decisions to make, and others who would rather stumble through the day until reaching a state of relaxed clarity around dusk, when their minds are purring. The problem is that those with the genetic gift of “morning-ness” tend to be more highly rewarded. Morning-ness is perceived as a sign of activity and zest, whereas evening-ness implies laziness and loafing. How often did we have to see David Cameron on one of his early-morning runs to get the idea that here was a leader of potency and vigour? How different would it have been if he slunk out of bed to work, then exercised at around 8pm? Could a Prime Minister be elected today who worked like Churchill, reading, writing and thinking in bed before getting out of it at noon? History is full of great bores praising the virtues of early rising, but few have made the case for letting the day drift by until you kick into gear around happy hour.  This was a difficult article to post as I am a 'Night Owl," or an evening person.  When raising children or having a full time job,  'night owls' have to be morning people, but it is something that doesn't come naturally as the article states.  My friends always know if they need help at any time of the night, they can call and I will be there, but please not too early in the mornings.  With the right job, like having a web site, being a 'night owl' enables you to work any time late into the night, perfect fit.  

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