Monday, July 12, 2010

Congressional Anger at Constituents - #1934 - Video: Rep. Ciro Rodriguez (D-TX) - Hot Air

Congressional Anger at Constituents - Rep. Ciro Rodrguez (D-TX) - Blows up when challenged on Obamacare - How testy are Democrats going home from Congress to campaign in their districts? If this video of Rep. Ciro Rodriguez (D-TX) gives any indication, it may be the incumbents who are powder kegs and not their constituents. Last year, Democrats claimed that they couldn’t hold town hall meetings because of worries over potential violence from opposition to ObamaCare. The Texas Democrat seems to demonstrate that Democrats may have had a slight case of projection:.......Furthermore, this looks like a premeditated outburst. For a year, Democrats have offered one false set of numbers after another on ObamaCare, as exemplified yet again last week by the IRS admission that they don’t have the resources to enforce the insurance mandate — and Democrats’ admission that they don’t know what the IRS needs to do it. Certainly Rodriguez would have known that constituents would challenge his numbers when meeting with them, especially if he planned on rationalizing his support on CBO projections for health-care spending without ObamaCare. Slamming the newspaper down in front of the constituent looks like a planned bit of theater that Rodriguez intended to boost his testicular quotient among the base; it’s likely to backfire instead.  Read more..........  I have created a new category..... 'Congressional Anger at Constituents,' as I believe we will be seeing a lot of this during the townhalls this summer, and wanted an easy way to pull these back up in time for the fall elections.

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