Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Virginia Fifth District Race- #1902 -Perriello to Repeat Slew of Forums - Will the Unions be Paid to Attend? -Daily Progress

U.S. Rep. Tom Perriello, D-Ivy, spent last August crisscrossing the 5th District — which extends from the Charlottesville region down to Danville — to host 21 town hall meetings that drew upwards of 5,000 constituents and often stretched late into the night. During this year’s upcoming August recess, Perriello is planning to hold just as many town hall meetings in the district to hear feedback on issues such as health care, national security, clean energy, the economy and whatever else constituents want to talk about. “We are planning to do another robust schedule of town hall meetings in August,” Perriello’s press secretary, Jessica Barba, said.  Read more.......

Here is my posting from the Charlottesville, Va. -  August 11, 2009 -  Town hall meeting with Tom Perriello:

Tuesday night was the second Town Hall meeting in the area. This one was located at the Charlottesville Performing Arts Center at Charlottesville High School. The crowd was estimated at 1,200 by our local newspaper, and was entirely different from the crowd at Ruckersville Elementary School. Hundreds carried the same sign, 'STANDING TOGETHER FOR HEALTH INSURANCE REFORM.' In smaller letters at the bottom was 'Healthcare.BarackObama.com, Paid For By Organizing for America, A Project of the Democratic National Committee. Could they have been an organized group, asked to be there, like our side is always accused of? They were also all wearing blue armbands, another coincidence I am sure.

I was in the first 10 or so to speak to a mostly loud and rude group, intent on disrupting and booing. Must have been that I was prepared with facts and specific concerns and page numbers relevant in the actual Health Care bill. I am in the clip, just click on the above title to view.  (Clip has now been removed by NBC29 News).  Once most of the signs left, the group was more civil and intent on listening, clapping and being more attentive.   We also found out later there were union representatives that were paid to attend for 2 hours.  Lucky for me I spoke at the beginning, I'm sure they were part of the disrespectful group that loved to boo and disrupt my facts and figures.  Tom, will the union representatives be part of this audience as well?  Will union representatives be part of the Fluvanna townhall as they were last year, intimidating a friend of mine as well, in the audience as she attempted to speak.  This time Tom, try not to hire union reps to attend, let your constituents only fill the audiences of your townhall meetings.  After all, now you have your past 2 years of a progressive, liberal,  voting record to stand on and defend to us, not to pretend you are seriously listening to our concerns over the direction that you, Obama, Pelosi and the Democratic House and Senate are taking us.

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