Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Virginia Fifth District Race- #1882 -Jefferson Area Tea Party - 'Right to Redress Rally' at Tom Perriello's Charlottesville Office - Steve Peters

Steve Peters, Conservative Activist and Tea Party Patriot - On Monday, the Jefferson Area Tea Party(JATP), gathered together a couple of dozen of its members to protest on the sidewalks about 250 feet from Tom Perriello's local Charlottesville office. The protest had been delayed, because of legal questions regarding the voters' right to gather in front of his office or on his entry steps prior to proceeding into the office. The distance the protest had to be conducted from Tom's office without being arrested by the city police(at the request of the landlord, a contributor and fundraiser for Tom) made the reason for the protest self evident. Every 5th District voter's' ability to freely ASSEMBLE for redress of grievance with their congressman at this office, as provided for in the Constitution, is being denied.

In the recent past, certain liberal groups protesting Mr. Perriello's, but who normally who support the congressman were treated differently than those who tend to routinely disagree with Tom Perriello. When this discrepancy was pointed out, the landlord stated, that NO ONE may gather in the parking lot or ASSEMBLE in a group before entering the Congressman's office, without being arrested. Today the Congressman stated that he has a lease running into next year that he will honor, which means he is comfortable with the existing situation until that time...but are the voters whom he purports to represent, being served?

Although we fully support the private property rights of the landlord to deny us access, we cannot say the same of Tom. Remember the multitude of times the liberals have told us, that even APPEARANCE of any impropriety is enough to get someone into trouble...If Tom were held to the same standard he would be in deep doo doo. But then, one cannot be a liberal without being a hypocrite. As Ann Coulter says, "everyday is a new day for a liberal, because they are never held to account for what they do or say." The only thing that matters is how they felt when they made a decision, not the results of that decision. Tom how about some positive results on the access we are reasonably requesting of you, instead of hiding behind your liberal landlady's lease(skirt).

The group entering Tom's office was diverse, and included democrats, independents, republicans, conservatives, and a libertarian, or two. Young and old, most asked questions centering around access to Tom Perriello and his office. A few additional questions such as; Were there going to be any town hall meetings during the congressional recess, even though the democratic leadership in the House warned house members not to to have them. What part of, "Congress shall make no law," to restrict free speech, did the congressman NOT understand? And finally, was the democratic email accurate in stating that Tom Perreillo was not going to get a pass on the war vote by Nancy Pelosi?

Tom's assistant was very gracious. She wrote down all of our questions and promised to forward them to Tom and get back to us when she had answers to our multiple questions. There is one huge question lingering in the air, present in the room, but which no one asked.

Will the voters of the 5th District give Tom a good reason not to renew his lease by voting in a congressman who better represents the conservative 5th District? The answer to that question will come on Judgement Day, November 2nd, 2010.

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