Friday, June 18, 2010

Virginia Fifth District Race- #1871 - Perriello Gets It Wrong

Statement from Robert Hurt, Republican Congressional candidate in Virginia's Fifth Congressional District: "Over the next few months I look forward to engaging in a spirited debate over the better direction of this country. I look forward to debating Tom Perriello any where - any time. The people of the 5th District have a right to know where we stand on the issues, examine our voting records and see how we approach the serious issues facing our country and its future. On the issue of debates, Tom Perriello got it wrong. On Sunday, the Daily Progress incorrectly reported that our campaign agreed to debate Jeff Clark -- and now Tom Perriello has jumped on the opportunity to dodge a head-on debate with me. Unfortunately for Tom Perriello, our campaign has never agreed to participate in any debate including Jeff Clark - and comments attributed to me are wrong. We cannot allow the important debate in this election to be sidetracked by a candidate who is not serious about his campaign or his ability to win. Jeff Clark himself has even questioned the viability of his candidacy as recently as today in the Roanoke Times (see here).  Read more........

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