Thursday, June 17, 2010

Virginia Fifth District Race- #1868 - Charlottesville Center for Peace and Justice Rally at Tom Perriello's Office, Charlottesville, Va. - Welborn Freedom Watch

Tom Perriello's Office - Charlottesville Center for Peace and Justice Rally - Charlottesville, Va.,..
June 16, 2010.
Steve Peters - Conservative Activist and Tea Party Patriot - Postings from the Right - Steve Invites all comments on his views:
Audrey has asked to say a few words about the "protest" that the liberal Democrats held at Tom's office yesterday. Having been a teenager in the San Francisco Bay area in the 1960's and having watched/participated in "protests", gives me some "street creds" on knowing what a protest is and is not. This was not really a protest, but more of a very small "love in" by Tom's liberal supporters.

At Noon, when the rally was set to start, fewer than a baker's dozen protesters were armed and at the ready with their signs.The police, reporters, and other bystanders outnumbered the "protesters" at the start of the rally. By 12:15 the groups numbers had swelled to about 20. They sang a couple of songs to the beat of bongo drums(no kidding, a throw back to the 60's, conservatives and liberals are from different planets). At this point, they walked across the parking lot and into Tom's office. We followed them in and listened to all the stale liberal cliche`s, until we could not take any more and left to get some fresh air. There was more discussion on what a great job Tom was doing and could he please get back to them, than any real protesting(with the exception of military spending and Afghanistan). One of the individuals wanted military members to be tried for war crimes, because they were using drones to kill the bad guys, (shown at the end of the video clip, difficult to understand all that he is stating).  The liberals too often want to protect the wrong people.

The group stayed inside for about 25 minutes. No one raised their voice or expressed any real anger. The one time the liberals do not raise their voice or call names when discussing issues is, when they are among friends. Tom is a true friend of the liberals, even though he talks like a conservative in public to the rest of us.  The group's email indicated this was a all-in-one protest rally on a multitude of issues. Most of the signs protested the war and the spending related to it. Spending on the defense of this country, (which is one of the few things the Constitution explicitly directs the Federal Government to do), seems to be the ONLY spending the liberals ever want to cut. What they think they know, is just not so. The "protest" was a throw back to the 60's.

The group's email indicated that Nancy might not be able to give Tom an OK to vote no on the war funding next time. See, even the liberal supporters recognize that Tom is Nancy Pelosi's lap dog. 5th District voters have no representation, because Tom is really following Nancy's liberal dictates, not those that represent the more conservative views of the District.  Their email also indicated the police were there to protect them. Yes, that would be one of their tasks, because they are very good at their job, but protect them from whom? The police were mainly there to ARREST protestors, if they violated the rules that the police Chief laid out in the letter to their group.

When the left is "protesting" Tom, think of the movie title, All quiet on the Western Front...of Tom's Office.

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