Friday, June 11, 2010

Va. Fifth District Race- #1849 - Jim McKelvey Launches New Pac in VA-05 - Bearing Drift

Hours after state Senator Robert Hurt won the Republican nomination in Virginia’s 5th Congressional District, both Feda Morton and Ron Ferrin emailed their supporters to congratulate the new nominee and to pledge their support for his candidacy (other former opponents might have sent similar emails, but I only received them from Morton and Ferrin). Jim McKelvey, who was Sen. Hurt’s closest competitor, also emailed his supporters, but instead of endorsing Hurt, McKelvey announced that he planned to form a political action committee (PAC):....... If Sen. Hurt is unsuccessful in his attempt to unseat Tom Perriello this November, Jim McKelvey might become the choice of many 5th District Republicans to run for the seat in 2012.  However, if McKelvey uses his new PAC to support a third-party spoiler that ensures Tom Perriello a second term (and thanks to redistricting, possibly many more), McKelvey may find himself a persona non grata in conservative and Republican circles throughout Virginia for many years to come.   Read more...... 
      I strongly agree, regardless who you voted for in the Virginia 5th District Race, now is the time to support our candidate, Robert Hurt.  We don't have the luxury of waiting until 2012 to decide whether we are going to replace Tom Perriello or not.   Unless we change the tide in Washington this November by at least taking the House of Representatives back, our country, our freedoms and liberties, and most important the ability to hold honest elections will be lost.  Tom Perriello must be replaced this November, along with the opportunity to replace the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi.  Tom Perriello has inflicted enough damage to Virginians in the 5th District, in his 2 years in office.  His ability and availability to listen to his constituents is worthless, considering he voted the way he was told by the Democrats and Nancy Pelosi once back in Washington,  regardless of what he heard from us while traveling in the 5th District. 
      Robert Hurt would have never voted for Obama's Health Care Bill, Cap and Trade,  or been such a loyal supporter of SEIU and the other unions controlling Congress.  Tell McKelvey and Clark it is time to unite and support our newly elected candidate Robert Hurt for the 5th District GOP House of Representative's seat in Congress.  I, for one, want at least one representative in Washington who, will not only listen, but vote according to the values of his constituents back in the 5th District.  We certainly know Jim Webb and Mark Warner are not listening as evidenced vote after vote after vote, regardless of how many telephone calls they received from their constituents in Virginia.  This has to stop starting in November, remember this is one of the top 10 races in the country.

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