Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Steve Peters - #1880 - Thoughts on the Executive-in-Chief's Handling of the Oil Spill - Postings from the Right

Steve Peters, Conservative Activist and Tea Party Patriot - Postings from the Right - Steve Invites all comments on his views:  He is not offering solutions to a spill problem, but a method to achieve his CAP and TAX Legislation

Congress has ceded its powers to the executive branch of government. There has been no Congressional oversight of the executive branch, only collusion. .The Supreme Court has refused to uphold the rule of law in areas like contract law, in deference to the executive branch. They threw the bond holders in GM under the bus and let Obama GIVE the gift of half the company to his greatest campaign contributors, the unions. In the health care takeover bill, he exempted the unions on major issues. In the Gulf Government Snake Oil Fiasco cleanup attempt, he refused assistance from every country willing to bring non union ships to help contain the spill. The Obama administration evolved the oil spill into a major national crisis by doing nothing for 50 plus days. Did Obama do it through government bureaucratic incompetence or on purpose?

Obama placed a six month political moratorium on drilling, citing an Interior Department report. Eight of the experts putting the Interior Department report together disagree with the moratorium. The moratorium was added AFTER the experts signed off on the report. The issue was NEVER brought up while the report was being put together. They have stated they would NEVER have accepted that wording for several reasons: (1) the moratorium is doing severe economic damage to the gulf states, both short and long term, but provides no offsetting safety benefit, and there is no scientific reason for stopping the drilling for 6 months from a safety stand point. (2)  the bulk of the recommendations could be competed within 30 days. (3)  the newer more modern/safer/productive drilling rigs will be the first to leave the area for greener pastures and the last to come back.  (4) there is a shortage of drilling rigs worldwide and when they are allowed back, there will be a large lag time in getting them to come back. (5) the more experienced workers will leave the field and not come back to the jobs when they reappear, leaving the jobs to less experienced workers. (6) shutting the drilling rigs down and bringing them back on line can be more dangerous then leaving them running.

As Columbo the detective said,"I do not believe in coincidences" Are they exacerbating the crisis on purpose to achieve Cap and Tax legislation?

Obama spill panel big on policy, not engineering - Yahoo! News - "The panel appointed by President Barack Obama to investigate the Gulf of Mexico oil spill is short on technical expertise but long on talking publicly about "America's addiction to oil." One member has blogged about it regularly." Sounds like most of the members he has appointed already have the results and now just need to get together to sort out the wording of their report. Verdict first, trial second as the Red Queen said in Alice in Wonderland. Its all politics with Obama. Finding the truth and the details of governing within the founding fathers constitutional bounds set for the executive branch hold very little interest for him and will continue to do so until the voters put the clamps on him.  Read more......

Bachmann: Obama Exceeding Constitutional Authority in Ordering BP to Surrender Funds--'It's All About Extortion' - CNS News -  A great brave lady being targeted by Pelosi, because the Speaker of OUR house, cannot stand the truth or anyone who wishes to openly display disagreement with her authority. We have had the honor to meet with Michelle Bachmann, along with a group of ACRWL ladies. She needs your support and donations to win reelection. We do not want to lose her voice in the House.  Read more.......  To contribute to her reelection campaign.......


It is reputed that the Roman Emperor Nero played his fiddle while Rome burnt to the ground so he could falsely blame the disaster on Christians and thereby rationalize a campaign of persecution against them." Did Obama fiddle around with the oil spill or was he just incompetent,because he has never even run a lemonade stand, let alone function as the CEO of ANYTHING? Remember Obama's Chief of Staff's words,"You should never let a good crisis go to waste, better yet if you need one on the spur of the moment to pass CAP and TAX, create your own, then blame it on Bush and Greedy Big Oil!  Read more.........

6/19/10 - Sen. Roger Wicker (R-MS) Delivers Weekly GOP Address On The Gulf Oil Spill(4 1/2 minutes) When you have an accident, you send in the emergency team to contain and minimize the damage, not the trial lawyers. On the oil spill, Obama sent the attorney general's criminal lawyers along with regulatory bureaucrats to oversee and get in the way, but nobody to help contain the damage. Not only that, but he refused help from multiple nations(with significant expertise on spills) and STOPPED the effected states from taking steps to mitigate the oil from coming on shore. The net results of these actions were to impede progress on containing the spill, which significantly increased the level of damages to the states in the gulf.

Sen. Nelson: ‘I Don’t Know That’ Obama Had the Constitutional Authority to Tell BP It Had to Surrender Stockholders' Money for Oil Spill Fund - CNS News - “So, we probably won’t have to have that test of whether or not there’s [constitutional] authority,” said Nelson. “Certainly, he had some moral authority that they responded to.” As on so many issues, I disagree with this senator. This president has spent any moral authority he ever had long ago with the conservative and independent voters. The independent voter has been walking away from this.  Read more.......

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