Sunday, June 6, 2010

Job Seeking - #1825 - Your 1st Chance to Make a First Impression - Crosswalk

The average job seeker is not equipped to make a positive first impression. At the very earliest steps to a new job we slam the door closed because we are not prepared. If you've wondered why your networking meetings and job interviews never seem to go anywhere, I want you to consider - are you selling yourself? If you were a fantastic new can-opener, how would you present yourself? Infomercial is a good word that's popped into modern usage in the last 25 years or so. It means, "to give information in order to make a commercial transaction." We've all seen infomercials about the latest and greatest products. These kinds of selling messages work! If they didn't, the marketers would move on to a more effective way of getting the consumer to a buying decision. As a job seeker you need to have your own infomercial ready. If you can't sell yourself, why should an employer "buy" and hire you?........ Usually early, in every job interview, you will hear, "Tell me about yourself." The second common thing we hear in interviews or networking appointments is the question, "What are you looking for?" If you are not prepared for these "sales" opportunities, your chance of getting that job is slim to none. Too many of us leave our responses to spur of the moment spontaneity and we stumble around, hemming and hawing, making a terrible first impression.  Read more........

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