Thursday, June 3, 2010

Gulf Oil Spill - #1813 - Rudy Giuliani Rips Obama's Handling of Oil Spill - Newsmax and Fox News

Guiliani Slams Obama's Leadership on Hannity - Article from Newsmax - Former New York City Mayor Rudolph Guiliani, whose tireless leadership in the days and weeks after 9/11 made him a national hero, has accused President Obama of doing everything wrong in his handling of the BP oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. “It couldn’t be worse,” Guiliani said Wednesday when asked by Fox News’ Sean Hannity to rate Obama’s performance. “ minimize it atI mean, this would be an example, if you’re taught ‘Leadership 101,’ of exactly what not to do: first; two days after or three days after it happened, go on vacation,” said Giuliani, who ran for the Republican nomination for president in 2008. “He’s been on vacation more often than he has, by far, been to Louisiana or Mississippi, or any of the places affected,” Giuliani added. And in a particularly stinging comment, the Empire State’s best-known Republican alluded to the criticism President Obama has been getting from one of the Democratic Party’s best-known strategists.  Read more..........

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