Friday, June 11, 2010

Glenn Beck - #1850 - What's the End Game for the Radicals? - The Right Scoop

What's the End Game for the Radicals? - Glenn Beck -June 10th -  On Wednesday, I took you through this chalkboard and showed you the difference between revolutionaries and politicians. They are using each other for power and control; the only thing left to decide is who will win in the end because only one of these groups will be left standing. Oh, what a trap they have laid for us. I came to this fuller understanding after doing research on the anarchists here in America in 1919. They were plotting to bomb things to get the politicians to move government in the direction they wanted it to move. And a lightbulb went off because I had just heard this sound from the president:   PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA: And I don't sit around just talking to experts because this is a college seminar; we talk to these folks because they, potentially, have the best answers, so I know whose a__ to kick.  And that bothered me. Not the swear word, but the thuggery. It doesn't appeal to the average American. He wasn't talking to you. So who was he talking to?  Bill O'Reilly and I disagree on Van Jones. He doesn't believe Jones is as dangerous as I think he is — and I hope he is right. But now you know who the president was talking to: the revolutionaries.  Read more........  Part B........, Part C......, Part D.......  This episode is frightening, I know some may think that is said about a lot of Glenn Beck's shows, but this is happening and you can see that it is happening now, plus for those of us who can remember the radicals of the 60's, you will definitely want to see this.  What conference was Van Jones involved in this weekend, see the clips and what he actually said as a speaker there?  Please watch.

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