Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day - #1876 -Rebecca Hagelin - Start a Revolution on Father's Day - Crosswalk

What we need when Father's Day arrives on Sunday is nothing short of a family revolution, led by America's fathers. Ours is a broken culture of fathers and mothers with broken vows, families with broken bonds, and children with broken hearts. For every 100 babies born in America, 60 are born to a broken family. That is, they are either born out of wedlock, or to a family that will soon suffer divorce. Our teen pregnancy rate is the highest in the Western world. Our little girls are looking and behaving like sex kittens at younger and younger ages. Boys are afraid of marriage, addicted to pornography and have few or no manners. There are about 1.2 million abortions in America every year........So fathers, start a revolution. Be the moral and spiritual leader your family secretly craves. Above all else, strengthen your family by humbling yourself before God and asking for his help and guidance. Boldly let your buddies know that your family comes first, that you are going to battle for them, and in so doing, you will help create a more civil, thoughtful and moral America. If you're already a committed and devoted family father, then raise the bar by spending more time loving your wife, and more time teaching and nurturing your children. Make it a point to find men that are struggling with responsibility and walk along beside them to teach them how to be good fathers, too. This Father's Day, help lead the revolution for Americas families — starting with your own.  Read more......

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