Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Fall Elections 2010 - #1863 - Some Advice for the Tea Party: Take Your Time and Learn from Your Mistakes - American Thinker

The results of the primary elections (from the perspective of the Tea Party folks) have been mixed. While there have been a few upsets of incumbents, the good old boys and the GOP establishment's anointed have been doing fairly well. That is to be expected. It is extraordinarily difficult to unseat an incumbent at the national level, and frankly, many of the Tea Party candidates have not been stellar political campaigners. Again, this is not surprising. Many of the challengers are running for public office for the first time. Some do not know how to run competent campaigns, many are woefully underfunded, and few know how to pick apart an incumbent's voting record and get that information to the voters. I will use the example of my own congressman, Mike Simpson, here in Idaho. (I have known Mike for years. Before he was elected to Congress, I served in the state legislature with him[ii]. Congressman Simpson has been in office for over a decade and has become the epitome of the good old boy network.)  Read more.......  Some advice those of us in the 5th could learn from for the next time.

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