Thursday, June 3, 2010

Facial Mapping - #1814 - Meet the Face of Big Brother in New South Wales University of Technology, Australia - The Daily Telegraph

THE State Government  (Australia) is quietly compiling a mathematical map of almost every adult's face, sharing information that allows law enforcement to track people by CCTV. Experts said yesterday few people realised their facial features were being recorded in an RTA database of drivers licence photos that the Government has allowed both state and federal police to access. The federal body CrimTrac has asked NSW for its database so it can be mined nationally by police using the facial recognition information contained in it. University experts in facial recognition said the correct match rate was as low as 90 per cent, meaning the names of people with faces sharing a similar structure to criminals could be returned in searches.  Read more........  Although this is in Australia, this is being done with driver's license photos that have been already taken, without people realizing the information could be used in this way.  Does anyone think the Obama Administration isn't already drooling over using this technology, not within Homeland Security for 'terrorists,' (since they really don't exist) but for the average American?

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