Sunday, June 13, 2010

Christian Living: #1854 - Why I Tell Stories From the Bible (and Why You Should Too) -Stanley Ward, Crosswalk

When is the last time you watched Star Wars with a six-year-old? It was today for me. When Star Wars first appeared on movie screens in 1977, I was five; now that my youngest daughter is six, I promised her we could watch it together. Because I've seen the movie uncountable times, I'm having more fun watching her expressions - at times mirthful, sometimes anxious, but always intense. Why this intensity from a six-year old watching a movie full of now-dated special effects? Because above all else, Star Wars Episode IV is a good story.

Stories are not just for kids. We live in a culture that needs stories. Not only do stories entertain us, but they also encourage us, challenge us, and sometimes even show us how to live. That's why I retell the Bible's stories. Although scripture memory is certainly a wonderful discipline, people need to internalize more than a Bible verse or two. For example, next time you feel God has abandoned you in life's wilderness, remember Israel's exodus from Egypt. Did God lead them into the wilderness? Sure. Were there hardships? Of course. Did the people grumble? A lot. And what else did God do for them during 40 years of wandering? He provided for them miraculously.  Read more........

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