Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Barack Obama - #1806 -Dana Milbank - President Obama's Been Under a Cloud - Washington Post

Dr. Frankenstein: What a filthy job! Igor: Could be worse. Dr. Frankenstein: How? Igor: Could be raining. [It starts to rain.] "Young Frankenstein" The heavens must be angry at Barack Obama. It had been probably the worst week of his presidency so far, his administration at the mercy of events: the failure to cap the oil spill in the gulf, the economic crisis in Europe, the new tensions with Iran and North Korea, the developing scandal over the White House's job offer to Joe Sestak and, finally, Israel's deadly interception of an aid mission to Gaza. Then came the rain. Obama was about to address a Memorial Day crowd at Abraham Lincoln Cemetery in Illinois (he had already angered some veterans by skipping the annual event at Arlington) when the skies lighted up with a fierce electrical storm. After that event was canceled, Obama's motorcade was forced to stop in the middle of a freeway when an SUV carrying White House advisers blew a tire. Finally, Obama delivered his Memorial Day address to a mostly empty gym at Andrews Air Force Base.  Read more........

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