Thursday, May 20, 2010

Wall Street Bailout Bill-Bank Bailouts - #1756 - Scott Brown: Democrats' Massive Financial Regulation Bill Passes - Thanks to Scott Brown - Hot Air

Actually, four Republicans voted yes — Collins, Snowe, and Chuck Grassley were the others — but it was Scotty B who flipped today to make it happen. The 59-39 vote represents an important achievement for President Barack Obama, and comes just two months after his health care overhaul became law. The bill must now be reconciled with a House version that passed in December. A key House negotiator predicted the legislation would reach Obama’s desk before the Fourth of July......So why did Brown buckle, after voting to uphold the filibuster on Wednesday? For starters, he received 3,000 phone calls to his office over the last week, all of them by supporters of Organizing for America, the apparatus that sprung out of President Obama’s campaign for the White House that is now housed inside the Democratic National Committee…Read more......  I don't know about anyone else, but I am regretting my contribution to his campaign, just what we needed another RINO Republican.  I am on his mailing list because of my contribution, so tomorrow I will call and have my name taken off and let them know why.  This is not the first time he has flipped either.  Notice there were 3,000 telephone calls by Organizing for America, yet other Senators did not want to take non-constituent telephone calls leading up to the Health Care vote.  Why were these telephone calls given such weight for him to flip??? Scott Brown - 202-224-4543

Wall Street Reform Bill Passes, Scott Brown Votes Yes - Michelle Malkin - ......... And it’s official — the excitement over the GOP taking Kennedy’s seat is over — Ted lives on:  In January, he broke the Democrats’ lock on the Senate.  On Thursday, he gave it back.  Sen. Scott Brown (R-Mass.) effectively became the 60th vote to cut off debate on Wall Street reform Thursday – a far cry from when Republicans were hailing him as the 41st GOPer who was going to stand up to the Democrats’ agenda. Brown also voted “yes” on final passage. Brown met Kerry at the Democrat’s Georgetown home at 6 a.m. Thursday for a bike ride where they discussed the pending bill extensively, Brown said.  Scott Brown: From a pickup truck to bicycling with John Kerry in a few short months. I don’t even want to know what Brown will vote for if Kerry takes him windsurfing.  Read entire article.....

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