Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Virginia Fifth District Race-#1784 - Poll: Pulse Opinion Research - The Rest of the Story - Virginia 5th District Watchdog

Pulse Opinion Research Poll/Rasmussen

Vote for Congress in VA5McKelvey8%9%7%28%11%6%7%6%
Not sure48%44%53%48%55%51%47%46%

The site is not wide enough to show you all the data so you can Download the Poll Here.  Here is the rest of the poll that WE here at the Watchdog site commissioned with the help of an anonymous donor. Some have questioned if that donor was Vance Wilkins. Some have thrown out wild and sometimes insulting conspiracy theories. None of that nonsense is true. We will not release the name of the donor. Don’t ask. Gripe away but you’ll be wasting your time. We will say that it was NOT Vance Wilkins.  We find it amusing that for months EVERY poll ever done by anyone is “called into question” We had complaints from people screaming “when will someone do a professional poll?” and when we have one done, we get a bunch of whining little girls calling this poll into question. MAKE UP YOUR MIND.  Pulse Opinion Research is a reputable polling company. Some people think that this is great for Hurt…Is it? There is almost 1/2 of the voters polled were undecided and could break for one of the other candidates. 2/3 of the voters polled were not supporting Hurt. Make of it what you will. This race remains a close one because of 3 candidates that REFUSE to drop out despite less than stellar performance throughout this process.
Liberty University Straw Poll Results

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