Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Virginia Fifth District Race-#1780 - Daily Perriello: "Lefty" McNeill Misreports Liberal Protest at Congressman's Office - The Schilling Show Blog

Left Protests and Street Theatre at Democrat Congressman Perriello's office -  Daily Perriello: "Lefty" McNeill Misreports Liberal Protest at Congressman's Office - The Schilling Show Blog is a news source, the Daily Progress often is not to be trusted, especially when neo-socialist writer Brian “Lefty” McNeill is behind the pen.  Regular readers of the paper are familiar with McNeill’s liberal slant, but most do not have the means to fact-check his frequent “news-itorials,”—put forth by his publication as straight news.  In delayed coverage of a story broken by The Schilling Show on May 19, 2010 and later fully documented on The Schilling Show Blog and News, McNeill’s May 25 article (Tea Partiers cry foul on local rally) on last week’s event is riddled with inaccuracies and omissions.  McNeill attempts to compare and contrast previous protests in Perriello’s parking lot with the current one, defining banned conservative gatherings as being “larger” while the reported liberal event is classified as being “small.”  Read more.......  

This story made national news when the case was picked up by the Rutherford Institute, whose president, John Whitehead, later wrote a letter to Democrat Perriello, asking him to move his office in order to improve protester access.  “Lefty” McNeill, himself, covered the Rutherford/CR story on December 11, noting:  The frequently crowded and boisterous rallies by both Perriello supporters and opponents had started to harm the business of a next-door spa and salon called Three Esthetics and Hair Care. As a result, the building’s landlord asked the Charlottesville Police Department to tell any protesters to stay off the private parking lot and instead convene on a nearby sidewalk. [emphasis added]  Having researched and written the article, McNeill should be aware that the CR protest was not “larger,” but significantly smaller than the liberal protest of last week.  McNeill further sullies his damaged credibility by reporting:  Read more........
See the leftist’s “Street Theatre” video (footage courtesy of Keith C. Drake) from the May 19 protest, and decide if this demonstration could have been “unseen” by building tenants:

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