Monday, May 24, 2010

Virginia Fifth District Race-#1773 - Breaking Poll - Pulse Opinion Research c/o Rasmussen Reports - Virginia 5th District Watchdog

Breaking News:
Virginia Fifth Watchdog is pleased to be the FIRST to bring you this poll conducted by a professional outside polling organization. The poll was conducted on May 17th, by Pulse Opinion Research, LLC, c/o Rasmussen Reports, LLC
An outside donor not affiliated with any of the campaigns helped to commission this poll.
500 Likely GOP Primary Voters this shakes out as follows.
Not sure 48%
Hurt 25%
McKelvey 8%
Boyd 7%
McPadden 5%
Morton 4%
Ferrin 2%
Verga 1%
We will begin releasing the details of the poll results on Wednesday.
Voters and the Campaigns have been asking for a professional poll done by an outside organization for a while now.  Here it is.

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