Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Virgil Goode - #1678 - Goode Joins Constitutional Party - Bearing Drift

Former Virginia Congressman Virgil Goode has reportedly joined the far right Constitution Party, a surprising move that could presage an unconventional bid for a comeback. Goode lost narrowly in 2008 to Tom Perriello, marking one of the most dramatic ideological shifts in the Congress, and this move can spur “speculation that he might run for his old Congressional seat in 2010 or for President in 2012,” according to the Independent Political Report, which reported the move. It is highly doubtful that Virgil will run for either the GOP nod in VA-05 or make a presidential bid in 2012. Still, Goode does bring quite a bit to the table in boosting the Constitution Party’s national and statewide presence. …nor does this take off the table a potential — but highly unlikely — bid for his old seat should Hurt become the eventual GOP nominee.

False Breaking News - Virgil Goode Joins Constitutional Party - Virginia 5th District Watchdog - The News/Bloggers are all abuzz with a hot story…problem is it’s not true.  According to multiple sources Virgil Goode has broken ranks with the GOP and has joined the Constitution Party.  Many believe that this is the signal a possible 3rd party run…Too bad it’s a bogus story and is so typical of Journalism today in the world.  Just minutes ago Virgil Goode told the Watchdog by phone, that the story is false and that “I am still a dues paying member of the Franklin County GOP “ he said with a chuckle.  He also said ” I like the Constitution Party stance on Immigration and how they have stood with Arizona” he  explained that they have taken this to mean he has left the GOP when in fact he has not.  Yet this hasn’t stopped multiple sources such as Politico, The Washington Post, Bearing Drift, and many others from reporting this untrue story. OOOPS!

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