Thursday, May 13, 2010

Steve Peters - #1724 - Commentary Feature - Postings from the Right

Steve Peters, Conservative Activist and Tea Party Patriot - Posting from the Right - Steve invites all comments on his views.
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This is a followup on the Senator Bennett article of the other day. Tea Party Activists and other conservatives responsible for Bennett's loss are now moving onto the race in Kentucky. We are slow to anger as a people, but that time has arrived and we will transfer that anger to the ballot box on Judgement day-Nov 2, 2010. Change is coming to the center of power in this country, Washington DC, and it will arrive by voting to remove politicians like Tom Perriello as our 5th District Representative. Don't listen to what Tom says the legislation he voted on will do to you or for you, but hold him accountable on the ACTUAL wording and effect that legislation will have on you and fellow citizens. Put on your swimming trunks Tom, there is a Tsunami headed your way.

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