Monday, May 10, 2010

Steve Peters - #1706 - Commentary Feature - Postings from the Right

Steve Peters, Conservative Activist and Tea Party Patriot - Postings from the Right - Steve invites all comments on his views.

1.  Bob Bennett Loses in Republican Fight: Purge of the Rinos? - Outside the Beltway? 
2.  Hatch is in Trouble Too - Taegan Goddard's Political Wire 
3.  Bennett Could Try Write-in Candidacy - Taegan Goddard's Political Wire
Club for Growth, tea party activists, and the voters sour mood for big government programs like TARP brought down a well liked senator BEFORE he could get to the primary. Three Term Senator Bennett was endorsed by Mitt Romney AND introduced by him at the convention. Senator Hatch tried to round up votes for him without success ( If he were up in this cycle he would likely have suffered the same fate). The national party tried to influence the convention without success when Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell endorsed Senator Bennett. In the end, even with all the support of the establishment he was thrown out of office in favor of new blood and more conservative candidates. The anti-Washington Tsunami is going to alter the business as usual political landscape washing away mostly liberals/moderates, and some conservatives who have been in office too long.
Is there a write-in Candidacy in the offing for Senator Bennett?
4.  Obama: Civility for Thee, but Not for Me - Townhall -   A followup on the article the other day on how the left really does not want open discourse, but just wants to talk about it. This is right out of the playbook, Rules For Radicals. Even the old news media is starting to grumble about the tactics being used by this administration. By the way, when if ever have we had a real open unscripted honest press conference since Obama took office. Off the teleprompter press conferences have been more rare than positive news on the economy.
5.  Republican Advantage in 2010 Voting Enthusiasm Shrinks The Gallop poll uses REGISTERED voters. When you look through the other polls with LIKELY voters the spread is larger. In the election cycles where there are no presidential candidates running, it is far more important to look to the likely voters because in these elections there is a much larger ratio of true believers who show up on election day. Use only likely voter polls from those pollsters that scored well in the last two election cycles such as Rasmussen (Scored number one in 2008) Many of the more liberal polls tend to be further off the mark from the actual final vote count, because their ratio of Democrats to Republicans who will actually show up at the polls is biased toward the Democrats.

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