Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Steve Peters -#1676 - Commentary Feature - Postings from the Right

Steve Peters, Conservative Activist an TEA Party Patriot - Postings from the Right - Steve invites all comments on his views:
1. The Left Loses It's Way by Abandoning 'Third Way' - Michael Barone - Washington Examiner - Thank you Obama for pulling the OZ curtain open to show all the moderates in America what the liberal Democrat Wizard truly looks like. You did not have to show the conservatives, we already knew. Keep it up. The more you try pulling us to the left the lower your party's polls will go. Judgement Day is coming and not even the old liberal news media can spin your party out of this one.
2. Health Care Law - Opposition Up - Support Down - Rasmussen Reports - The statements that Obama and the Democratic leadership were making prior to the passage of the health care takeover bill have proved to be incorrect...like much of the other things they say and do turn out. They, along with their health care bill are not wearing well on the likely voters of Judgement Day-NOV 2nd 2010. The support for the bill is down since it was passed and the opposition by those who want it repealed has gone up. Their collected response is it would have been worse if they passed nothing. Worse for who?
3. The New Leaders We Need - American Thinker -  Who will go to DC and reduce the federal power we put in their hands, returning it to the states where it rightfully belongs? They will be principled men with a strong moral compass like Ronald Reagan. Are there enough of them out there? Are we strong enough in numbers and courage to send them there?
4.  Crist: I Could Vote for a Democrat as Senate Majority Leader - Hot Air - When you get drunk on power and have no moral compass, then any position is OK at any Time, if it helps you at that moment.
5.  Mr. Obama, Government ain't me, man - American Thinker - The founders understood the nature of man and the proper roll of government in a free society. You are diminishing our free society as you attempt to "build up" the powers of the Federal Government, because as one expands the other must recede. The theme song of this administration should be the Beatles, "TAX MAN".

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