Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Presidential Prayer Team - #1719 - Vantage Point Devotional

Daily Devotional
May 12th, 2010 - God’s Listening Ears
Many mothers use the technique of saying, “Eyes please!” when they want their children to pay attention to her. She emphasizes their need to look so they will listen.
“Psalm 5:1 - Give ear to my words, O Lord, consider my sighing.
In this Psalm, David implores God to turn His ears to him so He can hear his plea. David asks God to “consider” his sighing. To consider is another way of saying, “Please, Lord, hear me. I’m beseeching You.” David was feeling the pressure of his enemies and seeing the wickedness of those around him. And he needed reassurance from God that his prayers would be heard and answered.
Can you relate to that? It is impossible to look at your country today and not see the greed, the narcissism, the retreat from God and the turning to everything that opposes Him. You can see corruption in so many places. So where can you put your confidence? David tells us. In the last verses of Psalm 5 he says to rejoice, put your trust in God – He is your sure defense. The Lord promises to bless the righteous and protect you with His shield.
Pray for America. Lift your intercessions for the nation’s leaders to God’s listening ears.
Recommended Reading: Psalm 5
I am overwhelmed at the news of the last few days, and what is about to come.  Our Virginia state leadership is voting for everything that is contrary to what will economically save us.  Please pray.

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