Thursday, May 6, 2010

Live Oak High School - #1687 - Students Punished for Wearing American Flag Tees - Pajamas Media

Five students at a California high school were forced to leave school and then face disciplinary action yesterday for the crime of wearing clothing printed with American flag designs. If you’re wondering how being patriotic could possibly merit punishment, it’s because the kids displayed the American flags on May 5. And as everyone knows, American flags are absolutely verboten on May 5. Right? Doesn’t anybody remember that rule? Anybody? Bueller? According to local TV stations KTVU and NBC Bay Area, this bewildering and deeply unsettling incident happened at Live Oak High School in Morgan Hill, a suburban town south of San Jose. As KTVU reported,  Read more........ Hooray for these students and their parents for standing up for their freedoms and rights in America.  They were told you can wear these shirts any other day, just not Cinco de Mayo.

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Video: Cinco de Mayo not the day for Patriotism - Hot Air - Video is only 1:36 long, interview of  students and parents involved.

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