Saturday, May 8, 2010

Laura W. Bush - #1703 - Why does point to Obama's hope and change web site? - Bearing Drift

From Bearing Drift: I came across an interesting discovery today when looking for Laura Bush’s upcoming book schedule. Take a look at and you’ll notice that it redirects to none other than, weird huh? Buying up URL’s of a political opponent isn’t uncommon but buying a URL for the former First Lady of someone you never ran against in an election seems a bit odd to me. What exactly does the DNC hope to accomplish by redirecting people looking for information about the immensely popular Laura Bush, to the campaign website for Barack Obama? Any thoughts? Also, I did find her book schedule. Laura Bush will be signing her new book “Spoken from the Heart” in northern Virginia and DC tomorrow, Thursday May 6th: 12:00 PM, Costco Pentagon City, 1200 S. Fern Street, Arlington, VA 7:30 PM, The Smithsonian Associates, Lisner Auditorium, George Washington University, 730 21st Street, NW, Washington, DC.  Try it , you need to see for yourself.  Yes, I have a thought, her real site promoting her book is, go there to see some real class, what a difference an election can make in a real First Lady of grace.  How egotistical and arrogant can you be, to buy her name and transform it to you, must come naturally, transform..... where have I heard that before?

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  1. technically,destruction of a nation IS change... or so I've heard.Hmm,transformation...I saw Laura Bush on Hannity,she sure is class,and compassion,and so many things I don't see now...