Saturday, May 1, 2010

Gulf Oil Spill - #1662 - Rush Limbaugh - Oil Slick is Obama's Katrina - Right Scoop

Rush Limbaugh - Oil Slick is Obama's Katrina - From Right Scoop: Rush is basically saying that Obama doesn’t really want to be bothered with actually running the country, he would rather push his ideological agenda. I don’t think he’s taking issue necessarily that the oil slick is BP’s problem, or at least it was, and that BP should fund cleaning it up. He is highlighting that Obama would rather talk about his agenda rather than be bothered with the country’s problems.

Mark Levin: Caller: Oil Rig Explosion was not Terrorism.  Mark Levin had a caller on tonight who was actually on the oil rig when it exploded and is now leaking 5,000 barrels day into the Gulf of Mexico. His primary intent for calling was to explain that this was in fact NOT an act of terrorism. He also provided some great insight into how the explosion actually happened:

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