Sunday, May 9, 2010

Glenn Beck - #1704 - Founders' Friday: George Washington - Fox - Watch Glenn

Part I of 4,- Fridays continue with a man most people know only as the first President
of these United States, but he was so much more. He is no doubt the Father of our country
and quite arguably, one of the greatest men that ever lived.  Part 2.....,  Part 3......., Part 4.....

 George Washington - The Indispensable Man - Glenn BeckGeorge Washington was called the indispensable man. I didn't even know why until — until — I mean, I've read a lot of books on George Washington. This is the best book ever written on George Washington, "The Real George Washington." It's the first in a series. And I love it because it's mainly his words and you get to know who he was........ Here is George Washington, a man who at 16 was out surveying land for his country, which was then Great Britain. All he wanted to do was go to Mount Vernon and be a farmer. His countries, Britain and then the United States of America, had him serving for year after year after year after year.  Read more.......

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